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What is Pre-Primary?

The provincial Pre-Primary Program is a play-based learning program that supports young children’s development and lays the foundation for future school success. The program is free for families, and is flexible to meet each family’s needs; eligible children can attend every day, or they can attend only a few days a week. Pre-Primary is not mandatory—children do not have to attend Pre-Primary before entering grade Primary. 

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Who can enroll in Pre-Primary?

Children are eligible for Pre-Primary if:

  • They will be at least four years old by December 31 of the school year;
  • They have not  been enrolled in a Pre-Primary Program before (children are eligible to attend for one year only);
  • They live within the catchment area of a school offering the program (limited spaces may be available for out-of-catchment families--please see below for further information).

Families can enroll a child in Pre-Primary at any time during the year. To check which school catchment area serves your home address, use our online school catchment area search tool.


Where is Pre-Primary available in our region?

Clark Rutherford Memorial School

Champlain Elementary School*

Bridgetown Regional Community School*

Lawrencetown Consolidated School*

St. Mary’s Elementary School

Cambridge and District Elementary School*

Coldbrook and District School*

Kings County Academy (located off-site and operated in partnership with a community agency)*

Aldershot Elementary School*

Port Williams Elementary School*

L.E. Shaw Elementary School*

Three Mile Plains District School

Dr. Arthur Hines School

*New sites  for 2018-2019.


How do I register for Pre-Primary?

To register for Pre-Primary, contact the school office where a program is located. Registration is ongoing throughout the year, so families can contact their school anytime to enroll their child. Families can also register anytime for the 2019-2020 school year. Please contact the school serving your home address for details on orientation days for the 2019-2020 Pre-Primary Program.


Out-of-Catchment Applications

Families who live in an area where the Pre-Primary Program is not offered can apply for an out-of-catchment space at an existing program.

As of November 23, 2018, the following spaces are available and may be considered for out-of-catchment applications:

School Spaces
Cambridge and District Elementary School 2
Clark Rutherford Memorial School 7

Families who live in an area that offers the Pre-Primary Program are not eligible to apply for an out-of-catchment space in a neighbouring program. If you live in an area where the program is offered, please contact your local school to register. 

Out-of-catchment applications are accepted only when space is available and no additional staffing is required to accommodate the request. 

To apply for an out-of-catchment Pre-Primary Program space, please contact Amie DeLeavey, AVRCE Pre-Primary Facilitator, at 902-538-4629. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. If your out-of-catchment application is accepted for the 2018-2019 school year, the Pre-Primary Facilitator will notify you. 

Please note, if you are accepted for an out-of-catchment Pre-Primary space, your child will return to their home school for grade Primary. 


Can children in Pre-Primary take the school bus?

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to provide transportation for children enrolled in Pre-Primary.


Program Start Times and End Times

School Start Time End Time
Aldershot Elementary School 8:00 am 2:15 pm
Bridgetown Regional Community School 9:00 am 2:30 pm
Cambridge and District Elementary School 8:15 am 2:15 pm
Champlain Elementary School 8:05 am 2:00 pm
Clark Rutherford Memorial School 8:05 am 2:30 pm
Coldbrook and District School 8:30 am 2:45 pm
Dr. Arthur Hines School 8:20 am 2:25 pm
Lawrencetown Consolidated School 8:25 am 2:30 pm
L.E. Shaw Elementary School 8:25 am 2:25 pm
Port Williams Elementary School 8:15 am 2:25 pm
St. Mary's Elementary School 8:45 am 3:00 pm
Three Mile Plains District School 8:00 am 2:25 pm


Pre-Primary serving the Kings County Academy catchment area

The Pre-Primary Program serving families living in the Kings County Academy catchment area is located on the lower level of Centre Square, 10 Webster Street in Kentville, operated in partnership with a community agency. For further information on the Pre-Primary Program serving KCA, please contact Amie DeLeavey at 902-538-4629.


If you have further questions about Pre-Primary in AVRCE, please contact Amie DeLeavey, Pre-Primary Facilitator at 902-538-4629 or .


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